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DhartiInfra Company Fair Dealings


Confidentiality and Fair Dealings

All trade related information that pertain to secrets, confidential and privileged information, customer, employees, strategies, administration, research in connection with the company commercial, legal, scientific, technical data that are made available to each member of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management in any manner and in any form to facilitate their work must be used only for Company’s business purposes.

Any publicity that might be perceived or construed as company’s and made outside the scope its appropriate authority, should include a disclaimer that the publicity represents the views of a specific author and not the company.

Gifts and Donations

The Company, its Directors and Members of Executive Management shall not directly or indirectly receive or offer any gifts, donations, remunerations, hospitality, illegal payments and comparable benefits which are intended to obtain business or in competitive favors or decisions for the conduct of business.

Third Party Representation

Parties that have business dealings with the Company such as consultants, agents, contractors, suppliers shall not be authorized to represent the Company if their business conduct and ethics are known to be inconsistent with this Code.

Amendment or Modification

Any amendment or modification to this Code would be approved by the Board of Directors of the company.

Compliance of the Code

All Directors and Members of Executive Management shall confirm compliance of the Code along with deviation / explanation, if any, to the Board annually within 30 days of the Financial Year ending. A declaration to this effect signed by Managing Director shall be incorporated in the Annual Report of the Company.

If any uncertainty arises as to whether a course of action is within the letter and spirit of the Code, prior decision would be obtained from Management of the Board. Waiver of any provision of this Code must be approved by the Board. The decision taken by the board shall be informed to the Board of Directors.